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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bracket Madness

Who out there is ready for March Madness?! 
I don't like sports, but I like to gamble and I love a reason to paaaarty! Plus, I have a foolproof method of picking winners- it involves mascots, team colors, and new this year, region of the US (obviously a Southern team wins).
I have Florida going all the way. E would be horrified since coming from Tennessee, they are one of our biggest rivals!
Tomorrow is a pizza party, kick-off tv watching extravaganza at work. There's nothing like a pizza party when you're pregnant.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Does The E Say: A Late Link Up

I can’t even with Ethan sometimes. He lives to embarrass me. This is a terribly late link up, but I just have too many E gems to share with the world (or maybe they should be locked deep away in a dark closet)....
Voyage of the Mee Mee

  • His latest nickname for me is stinkrat. He’s also referred to me a pork chop as well. 
  • Last week while commuting in together (on crowded Metro), I poked him to show him something in the Morning Express, and he responds by saying (too loudly) “No Ma'am, you CANNOT touch my penis!”
  • His parents want to give us some furniture when they move. When they asked him about an item, he told them, "I dunno, you’ll have to ask the Fuhrer." He also has referred to me as “the Boss” or “Heffe” while we shop, talk to his parents, have anything moved, when we had a little bit of kitchen work done, etc.

Ethan on Pregnancy/ a New Baby
  • I was so excited someone finally asked me if I was pregnant. He says “I’ll pay you $5 next time someone asks you if you’re pregnant, look horrified, and say ‘why would you ask me that, do I look fat?!’”
  • Do you think we can register for a Panini grill for the baby registry?
  • I think it's a girl becasue my wallet's been tingling.
He was actually very well-behaved when we went to Babies R Us to register. I think only because we were going to get lunch afterwards and I said I would be too angry to get lunch if this didn't go well.

Shopping with Ethan: (I really should have learned my lesson already and just leave him home when I want to go shopping)

  • A classic, while walking into Forever 21, he loudly asks, “aren’t you waaay past 21 to be shopping here?”
  • Not what he says, but does, takes the stuffed dogs at VS Pink and puts them in compromising positions. 
  • He also likes to find a spot to sit in to check sports. The best was when he sat on the floor by a display in the back on Loft. 
  • He also loves to pick up an XXL shirt and say, isn't this your size? He also likes to wave giant granny panties in the air and say isn't this what you need Kim?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Humpday Confessions: Pregnancy Edition

Linking up with Vodka and Soda for some Humpday confessions.  I thought I'd give you all a peek into my pregnancy experience thus far.

I walk around with my pants unbuttoned all day with the equivalent of a tube top covering it. For jeans, I have a rubber band that strains to keep some semblance of "pants buttoned".

I might be a little moody. When the cafeteria ran out of big, soft, salty pretzels, I felt apocalyptic. Yea, I wrote them a note too. I'd love to hear the reaction of the person that reads that one. "Hardy har, this fat a** is concerned about running out of pretzels at 2p"

My face is broken out and around my mouth too, so it looks like I have the Herp. (I’ve never had a cold sore, so I don’t know what it’s supposed to be like, but hey, why not start now!)

I am not “showing”; I just look chubby. At least everyone knows now so they can’t judge!
  Sorry, any chance I can get to get a picture of a fat cat on the blog, I must take. It's a problem really.
All I feel like eating is (giant soft) pretzels and Mexican food. Unfortunately, both give me horrid heartburn.

I haven’t worked out since early January. I've been feeling much better, it's just that there's such good TV on right now! I keep saying I’m going to walk when it gets warm outside, so we’ll go with that for now.

I know I'm extremely lucky and I can't wait to have bay-bay, so here's some positivity so I'm not too complainy in one post.

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